Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia (TWMCA) – A Source of Peace

Transboundary Water Management  in Central Asia (TWMCA) – A Source of PeaceIntroduction
Purpose and context of the Review
The underlying mid-term review report is based on an assessment of the pro- gramme ́s status from the point of view of its perceived impacts. The review ́s ap- proach was primarily learning oriented and designed to support reflection within the programme team.
The review did not only take a close look at the German contribution, but also at the activities occurring in partner organizations (like UNECE) and target groups. Although numerous national representatives and experts of partner organizations have been involved in the review, it still remains a self-assessment more than an external feedback as to its character.
The main purpose of this evaluation, hence, was to improve future programme activities through reflection of lessons learned. With this respect a lot of personal and group-learning occurred in the conduct of the four-day-review-workshop in Bishkek, which may not be fully reflected in this report.

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